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    Who`s crafting?
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Little adventure park

All households throw day to day things away far too quickly. You can create brilliantly creative things out of old wood, branches, mandarin nets and clothes pegs. Here are some instructions for you on how to make a mini treehouse from not much more than a few offcuts of wood.


  •  15 wooden clothes pegs
  • 1 old piece of wooden board for the base,  around 1 x 1 m
  • 1 large branch (with offshoots)
  • 1 mandarin net
  • 1 length of sisal twine, 30 cm
  • 3 thin branches
  • leftover fabric, 50 x 5 cm
  • 1 old wicker basket
  • 15 thin wooden sticks around 45 cm long
  • 1 small pebble
  • wooden dowels


  • children's wood saw
  • drill (for wood)
  • Pritt PVA Craft Glue
  • All Purpose Glue



For parents/adults:

Some steps require the help of an adult. Please supervise these steps so your child doesn't get hurt.

Step 1

First, ask an adult to saw 14 of the wooden sticks into three equal pieces of 15 cm with the wood saw. One wooden stick is only sawn in half, later it will be used for the ladder.

Step 2

Then let an adult take the large branch and saw one end so that it is straight. Now we will connect the branch to the base. To do so, let an adult drill a hole into the base and the end of the branch.

Then put a little All Purpose Glue in the holes and connect the base to the branch with a wooden dowel. The wood glue secures the connection.

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Step 3 - Making the treehouse

Next, you have to secure the treehouse. Take 15 of the previously sawn wooden sticks and stick them to the branch as horizontally as possible with the Pritt All Purpose Glue. The floor of the treehouse is in place. Then take the old wicker basket, cut out three side pieces and stick them to the floor of the treehouse.

Before you do so, measure the length and breadth of the treehouse floor. Now stick the rest of the wooden sticks to the roof of the treehouse with the Pritt All Purpose Glue.

Step 4

For the ladder you will need the two longer wooden sticks and the three thin branches. Ask an adult to saw the thin branches into 7 equal pieces of around 5 cm. Now glue the separate rungs horizontally at a spacing of 2 cm to the two wooden sticks with the Pritt All Purpose Glue.

Your ladder is finished and you can lean it against the treehouse.


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Step 5 - Make a rope ladder

Take the leftover fabric and the 15 clothes pegs. Take the clothes pegs apart so that you have two pieces. Now take the Pritt All Purpose Glue and put a little on each of the peg pieces and stick them horizontally onto the fabric at a spacing of 2 cm.

Now you just have to attach the rope ladder to the treehouse.

Step 6

Finally, you just have to position the mandarin net and sisal twine. Cut out a 20 x 40 cm square from the net and attach it to the top part of the branches. Then just tie the sisal twine around the small pebble and also hang the twine on the branches.

Your little treehouse is finished.