Ideal for creative activities! Vivid colours for vibrant creations. Perfect for early development and creative exploration.

Product Features

A vivid range of high quality pastels and crayons for vibrant creations. Oil Pastels shape assists with early grip development. With impressively bright colours and easy grip triangular design for comfort and control, comfortable drawing with smooth structure can be achieved with unlimited tones by mixing colours.

Great creative fun for kids with impressively bright colours.

Wax Crayons

2 Alternatives - 12 wax crayons & 12 jumbo wax crayons. Supplied with free sharpener and eraser gift. Great creative exercise for kids with impressively bright colours.

Ergonomic design. Erasable with eraser. Easy to sharpen and easy to clean.

Oil Pastels

Spectacularly vivid colours with 100% coverage and consistent quality. Supplied with free sharpener and holder. Other benefits - ease of colour transfer, press softer - pointed tips for accuracy - shorter length for grip development.

Non-toxic, solvent free, safe for children. No wastage or breakage.