Compact Flex Correction Roller

Disposable Correction Roller for instant correction and perfect results thanks to a smooth and clean application with a flexible nib.

Product Features

Flexible mini roller applicator for a smooth application and clean correction.
Two-way correction: pull for a whole sentence, push for one letter.
Handy device: 10m premium correction tape for instant rewriting.
Available in two widths: 4.2mm for computer writing and 6.0mm for handwriting.

Key features

Flexible Nib

The new Pritt Refill Flex Correction Roller offers the most convenient application ever! Thanks to the flexible applicator it adapts to the application angle and goes on smoothly and cleanly. For more flexibility in everyday life!

How to apply

Apply the roller at an angle of 45° for perfect results.

Additional info

- Minimum of 50% recycled post-consumer plastic housing
- 100% recyclable
- Protective cap