Wood & Craft Glue (Ponal)

Pritt Wood & Craft Glue is a ready to use glue suitable for most kinds of wood and crafting projects. It dries clear and is solvent free. 

Product Features

Pritt Wood & Craft Glue is available in a 100ml bottle.


- Paper
- Cardboard
- Cork
- Most types of woods and wooden materials

Wood & Craft Glue (Ponal)

For paper and cardboard, Pritt Wood & Craft Glue may be applied to one surface only and joined immediately.


Child-safe adhesive

Pritt Wood & Craft Glue is solvent-free and therefore safe for children.

How to use it

1. Surfaces should be clean, smooth and free of dust.
2. Apply Pritt Wood & Craft Glue.
3. Clamp for a minimum of 30 minutes with appropriate tools if applying to wood.  Under normal conditions the article can be handled after 1 hour.
4. Total bond strength is reached after 24 hours.  Close the cap after use.