Pritt is a brand that truly cares about the educational development of children, fostering the development of their cognitive and motor skills.  Pritt's formula was optimised over the years to suit the needs of children. It has a high initial tack and adequate drying time to allow for repositioning. But most importantly, it is safe and compliant with EN71 standards (EU regulation for toy safety) thanks to its 90% natural ingredient formula based on potato starch and sugar (substituting raw, oil-based ingredients that are used in standard glue sticks). Pritt's glue is so natural you could almost make it yourself! Do a little experiment with your class and teach them how to create their own sticky paste for crafting!

Discover our didactic units

Let's start experimenting with glue! These didactic units will help you to plan your lessons, develop new teaching concepts and prepare interactive classes with experiments related to glue. Dispel the mystery surrounding adhesive materials with your students and explain to them the various types, specialities, applications and other interesting facts. They'll be surprised by what they discover during the experiments, and with all the fun they're having they won't even realise that they are learning too!

Journey to natural gluing power

Join us on our interactive journey to natural gluing power with Mr. Pritt! Pritt's glue stick is made from 90% natural ingredients*, such as potato starch and sugar, which make the glue sticky and strong enough to hold the kids' crafting projects together. Teach your students how a potato can be used in a Pritt glue stick, by joining Mr. Pritt's adventures with the potato plant! *Incl. water

Social initiatives

Pritt works on sustainability and corporate responsibility projects aimed at improving the harmony of ecological and social goals worldwide. Permanent development in these areas is an integral part of our code of conduct. We give top priority to environmental protection, health and safety and human aspects, which includes all-encompassing product safety and ecological compatibility. Together with these attitudes we enhance the educational environment of children living in third-world countires by renovating existing schools or building new schools and fun facilities for them.

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