What do you want to become in the future?


Did you know 

that not all fire trucks are red? While we mostly know fire trucks as being red, fire trucks can be yellow, green, or white, as well!


Could you imagine 

water expands in its solid state unlike other substances that shrink when they freeze?


Did you have an idea 

that the longest non-stop passenger flight lasts for 18 hours 40 minutes!



Just wonder

the first domesticated animals may have been dogs and goats, likely around 11,000 years ago.


Fun foodie fact

Potatoes were the first food planted in space.

Two new glitter colors

Make your handicrafts even more unique and creative with the new Pritt Glitter collection in Purple & Green!

Pritt Metallic sticks are sustainable & fun:

  • 96% natural ingredients (incl. water)
  • Contain NO microplastics
  • 40% recycled plastic
  • Washable at 20°C
  • 100% fun!